I’m a First Time Homebuyer. Where Do I Begin?

First-Time Home Buying Help

First Time Historic Homebuyers SpecialistPlease also read my article for first-time homebuyers and read my buyer’s page. There is some awesome information in these pages!

If you’re considering buying a Historic Phoenix home, it would be a WONDERFUL choice! It is, indeed, much, much different than buying a newer home but the rewards of doing it right will give you years of happiness and joy for years to come. There is a LOT that must be done differently and correctly during the process to make sure that old house isn’t going to be a money pit. THIS IS ONE OF MY SPECIALTIES! I won’t let you buy money pit.

You can begin by a no cost, no obligation consultation with me. I will go over every single detail with you, guiding you to wise decisions that are in your best interests in every single capacity. Call me and I promise you you a plethora of information which will put you at ease and enable you to make informative decisions in every single aspect in your decision making process of buying a home. Then, I will be your number one advocate through the entire process of buying your dream home while I hold your hand through the whole transaction from beginning to end protecting you legally and making you feel at extreme ease the whole way through as I know it can be nerve-wracking for some.

Also, if you’re selling a Phoenix home and it’s been a while since you’ve sold one, I can help you, too.

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