Don’t Buy a Money Pit

real estate,phoenix,arizona,agent,neighborhood,historic,homes,realtor,houses,central,downtownI really, really love old homes. How do I make sure the old, historic Phoenix home I’m buying won’t be a money pit? How do I know the structure or “the bones” are solid in the old house I want to buy?

This is a very important question when buying an old, historic Phoenix Metro home because without good “bones” or structure, no matter how beautiful a home in the best location, you could be facing big problems.

You’ve probably seen the hilarious film, The Money Pit that shows comedic examples of what happens when Tom Hanks and Shelly Long bought a failing house. In real life, it’s not always that extreme but why would you want to ever risk buying ANY kind of a money pit? Fixer-uppers are one thing, but money pits are another whole picture.

There are many, many factors to take into consideration. Some factors are obvious such as windows, electrical, plumbing and roofing while other factors are not. For example, structure. How do you really know if a house has “good bones?”

I happen to be a real-live expert in this department and will challenge any other agent in the valley to the facts that surround this topic. I educate people on this subject in great detail and will educate you too. I have the experience, knowledge and ability to walk into a house and detect signs of structural or potential structural problems. This isn’t always the case, but if there is a problem that’s rearing its ugly head, I’ll point it out to you and we’ll discuss it from there. I work with the absolute number one best Structural Engineers, Structural Repair Specialists, Helical Piers Installers and Framers in the valley if an when needed.

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