Incentives For Historic Phoenix Homeowners

Historic Preservation Incentive Programs For Historic Property Homeowners In Phoenix, Arizona

Historic Phoenix Homeowners Incentives is an important part of what makes living in Phoenix or any number of the historic Phoenix districts a special place to live is its unique historic resources.

Maybe you have a “fixer-upper” to sell, or, maybe you want to buy one. These resources are yours to explore.

Preservation of Historic Homes in Phoenix

Phoenix Homeowners Incentives

Preservation of these resources fosters community pride, investment and redevelopment. This is about recognizing the importance of our community’s heritage, values and connections with the past.

There are several incentive programs available to preserve and rehabilitate historic resources.

  • Demonstration Project Program

    The Demonstration Project Program was created to encourage the rehabilitation of significant historic properties used for multi-family, commercial or institutional purposes.

    The program provides funding for exterior work that retains historic building materials and features. This also reverses inappropriate alterations, reconstructs missing historic details or otherwise returns a building to its historic appearance.

  • Exterior Rehabilitation Assistance Program

    This program assists residents to sensitively rehabilitate historic homes while promoting reinvestment in Phoenix’s historic neighborhoods. Owners of historic homes, either in city-designated historic districts or individually listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register, are eligible to apply.

  • Low-Income Historic Housing Rehabilitation Program

    The Low-Income Historic Housing Rehabilitation Program was created to encourage the repair and rehabilitation of historic residential properties that provide housing opportunities.

    This program funds critical building maintenance; structural stabilization work; repair and restoration of historic features; reconstruction of missing historic details; and/or in-kind replacement of deteriorated historic elements, exterior rehabilitation, repair and restoration work that meets city historic property guidelines.

  • Warehouse and Threatened Building Program

    This program is available helping property owners rehabilitate threatened historic buildings and historic downtown warehouses returning them to a viable use.

    Eligible buildings are either located in the downtown Warehouse Overlay District (generally bound by 7th Street, 3rd Avenue, Lincoln Street and Madison Street). Or, they are located elsewhere in the city but are severely threatened either by their deteriorated condition or possible demolition.

  • State, Federal and Other Incentives
    Because the preservation of historic buildings is an important public benefit, the state and federal governments as well as public and private foundations have developed incentives to assist in the restoration, maintenance and rehabilitation of historic resources.

Additional Programs for Historic Phoenix Homeowners Incentives in Phoenix

  • Pathway to Purchase Down Payment Assistance

    The Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH), acting jointly with the Arizona Home Foreclosure Prevention Funding Corporation (AHFPFC) and the Arizona Housing Finance Authority (AzHFA).

    This provides down payment assistance to qualified homebuyers purchasing a primary residence in 17 targeted municipalities in Arizona. The assistance is an incentive to purchase in targeted housing markets that have been hardest-hit by foreclosures.

Buying or Selling a Historic Phoenix or Downtown Phoenix Property?

Whether you’re buying or selling in Central or Downtown Phoenix, or just have some questions about anything at all in or about any one of the historic districts in Phoenix, I’d be very happy to help you! Just call or email me anytime.