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October 9th, 2018 – Review from my client, Greg Myers

October 9th, 2018 –  Greg Myers

9/26/2018 – Review from my Client who is also a Real Estate Agent, Marta Donavan

9/26/18 – Marta Donavan

9/14/2018 – Review from my Client, René Delano

“BEST AGENT EVER! If you are looking for an HONEST and personable agent who truly cares, has YOUR back, does the right thing, is detailed oriented and will take you under her wing, I can assure you that you’ve never had a real estate agent quite like Laura Boyajian! You may call other agents but when you talk to Laura, you’ll understand the difference on how she goes above and beyond the others. Laura sweats the details, is patient and explanatory in answering all questions quickly and in an easy-to-understand manner.

She works very hard and we feel quite lucky to have found her! Laura is by far, the most client driven realtor that we have ever worked with and she walked us through every part of the process from start to finish with ethics and morals that are rare these days! She is on your side and will fight for you in a highly professional yet strong manner as she did for us in all aspects of the home buying process, from beginning to end. Negotiating a lower than asking price for a home in one of Phoenix’s lovely historic neighborhoods in a competitive seller’s market, no less, was just the beginning, all the while making certain all documents were thoroughly, professionally and legally written with incredible above-board protection all the way around. She goes out of her way, more than most agents are willing to do.

She even got the seller to include the appliances which weren’t originally included, and are all top-of-the-line units. She works tirelessly and communicates extremely well at any time of the day or night whether it be by phone, text and/or email, 7 days a week and is very responsive to ANY & ALL details. She also negotiated an $8,500 credit for us during the home inspection process which was HUGE as the sewer line in our 1940 built home was original and needed replacement. We would not have discovered this if it weren’t for Laura, let alone getting the seller to pay for it- not easy to do in a seller’s market! Her extensive network and team of historic home inspectors, lenders and title company are all highly skilled, experienced and work very smoothly together. Additionally, she’s invaluable if you are new to the area and want guidance for “getting to know Phoenix” and will continuously be there for you after closing, as she has done for us. Thank you, Laura- you made the entire process smoother than we could have imagined!”
René D. 9/14/2018

9/13/2018 – Review from my Client, A. Forsman

“Laura B. is the most unusual and wonderful Realtor I’ve ever met.  I am an 82-year-old woman and she has protected me like she would protect her own mother and I am now declaring her my daughter.  There is no doubt in my mind that she protects all of her clients that way!  Her integrity, morals and ethics are above and beyond and that of a dying breed.  She’s not only dynamic and colorful, she gives a full 200% to her clients, down to the last detail.  She bent over backwards for me.  Her negotiation skills are more than notable. 

What she ended up negotiating for me I thought was miraculous!  She’s amazingly knowledgeable and can answer any real estate question.  I feel I just plain lucked out having Laura B. guide me in the purchase of our home in Country Club Park Historic District, as did her team.  I didn’t realize how much more goes into buying an old home versus a newer home.  It’s important to have someone knowledgeable about historic properties and all the elements to look for. 

Laura is that  person and more! Then, when it was discovered that the moving company I hired was a fraudulent company disguising themselves as a legitimate company, my furniture was literally missing in action and they kept trying to get more money out of me. Laura ended up getting Channel 3 News – 3 On Your Side, to help. She worked tirelessly with the news station in addition to her already busy life, and two stores were aired. After the first story, my furniture was delivered inside of 24-hours! I can’t even begin to tell you how this took so much stress off of my life! I cannot recommend her highly enough and I interviewed several agents who claim they work with historic homes.  Laura was clearly my number one choice! Hesitate not! Call her if you want the best!”  9/13/2018 – A. Forsman

3/7/2017 – Thomas Moran

“Laura sold my home in 2008 and got me what my house was worth despite the fact that the market was crashing. Laura represented me again in 2013 and closed on the house I wanted despite the fact that major mistakes were made by the appraiser and his documents were not acceptable to the lender.

Testimonials of Laura B.

I am in the process of selling my home now (2017) and there is no other Realtor I would use. Laura is the smartest, most experienced, most diligent Realtor in Arizona. The processes involved in buying or selling a house are a literal nightmare during which each day a new request, a new demand or a new and unexpected problem coated and iced with maximum stress will occur. This is where Laura shines. NO ONE will take advantage of you during this process simply because Laura is the tip of the sword and she loves to battle for YOU! Call her now. You won’t go wrong.” Thomas Moran – 3/7/2017

2/17/2017 – Kym Bolar

“If you are looking to buy or sell a historic home downtown Phoenix, Laura B is the perfect person to work with – not only is she a true professional, she is an extraordinarily kind and generous human being.” Kym Bolar – 2/17/2017


1/16/2017 – Satish & Jeff

“I came across Laura through an internet search. She has an awesome and original website that demonstrates her knowledge about the Phoenix real estate market, and also about her specialty in historical neighborhoods. She is a wealth of knowledge and very easy to communicate with. For us, she jumped on a hot property with multiple offers and helped us win that property.

Laura invests in people. She took us on as clients when we were passively looking. She provided lots of useful information throughout the process, and even her property alerts were very thorough. She is very knowledgeable about inspections, rules and regulations. You are in good hands and she will not let you make any mistakes.

I cannot recommend her enough. We had a 5-star experience and will use her for our future real estate needs, and suggest that you do the same!”  1/16/2017 – Satish & Jeff

1/5/2017 – Nick & Mimi Mayer

“Look no further for another agent! Laura is the best of the best and there are so many wonderful words to describe her. I spent a lot of time researching with and speaking to different agents who said that they work with historic homes in the Phoenix area and she is by far the most knowledgeable. I was so excited when I found her. I have bought numerous properties, but I had never experienced such a speedy or smooth purchase. If only I had met Laura years ago!

I began my search with a few historical properties in Phoenix. I had my heart set on one property in particular, but was uneducated as to how much maintenance may be needed in order to upkeep an older property. Laura noticed details that I would have surely overlooked. She saved me a lot of time, hassle and money. She took my budget into account and refused to do a quick sale.

She did an incredible amount of research and found other properties for me to look at. She was never pushy and just gave me options for making the right decisions and gave me incredibly professional advice. Laura took a lot of time helping me find the perfect home that was not only in perfect condition, but had an efficient cooling and heating system, wiring, windows, sound structure and more. My electric bill was cut in half. She also introduced me to areas that were much more dog friendly and accessible to more desirable amenities, while introducing me to different areas and historical districts. She managed to find me the perfect property that was almost $200,000 under what I would have originally paid and matched the square footage. I think that is worth mentioning. I was very impressed.

Laura is incredibly thorough with all her paperwork and gets everything done way before any deadlines. She also made certain that we were legally covered all the way around. She is an extremely good writer and explains facts in a way that is easy to understand. She was consistently there for me to answer any questions that I might have. She was incredibly fast and efficient with each and every document. She showed me how to organize everything I needed and gave me a new perspective on owning a home. She does not get paid enough for all the work that she put in for me. She went above and beyond anything any agent has done for me. We were way ahead of schedule because of how efficient and dedicated she was to having us close by a certain date. I moved in two weeks early, which was very very nice.

Her entire team is a win-win. She suggested that we use her lender without any pressure or obligation what so ever. This wound up being the best suggestion that she could have given us. Her lender closed our loan from start to finish in under three weeks, which is unheard of. The other lenders that I had previously contacted quoted me four to six weeks. Her home inspector is brilliant and is one of the educators for the State of Arizona Home Inspectors. I found it very important that he used to work in construction, so he really knows what he is talking about. Her Title & Escrow officers are on their game too. Everyone on her team communicated in sync with each other and Laura was the one who orchestrated it all. Her communication skills are particularly excellent. She makes sure that everyone knows what is going on at all times.

Laura made sure that I got everything I asked for during our inspection period and had a finesse about getting it. Her negotiation skills are top notch and I could not be any happier with my purchase and my entire purchase experience!

To top it all off, we have become great friends because she is the kind of person that you want to hang out with. If you are looking for the right agent, call Laura now!

Thank you, Laura! We love you!” Mimi & Nick Mayer – 01/05/2017

1/17/2017 – From Mark M.

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Laura for both buying and selling my home.  If you are looking for a realtor to help you in your home journey you have found the right person for the job!

Laura helped me buy my first home in 2007, I ended up choosing her because of her experience with historic homes in Phoenix.  Seeing as I was looking for an older home it was definitely the way to go.  She turned me on to many different neighborhoods, and did an amazing job of filtering out all the noise, and honing in on exactly the homes I should be exploring.  When I found the home I loved, she had did an excellent job of holding my hand through the buying process and explaining every step thoroughly. She was always available for questions and genuinely cared about me through the whole experience. 

When I sold that same home in 2016 it was a no-brainer to call Laura again.  My home needed quite a bit of work to be done so that it would fetch top dollar when I sold it.  Laura put me in contact with the litany of contacts she has and helped guide me on the things to improve in the home to get the most bang for the buck.  Through the two or so months it took for all the renovations, Laura stepped up and helped me in every way to get the work done to my home.  From meeting with contractors, to helping me at the paint store to find the right colors for the home, and even painting samples of said colors in the home when I was sick so the schedule didn’t slip behind.  As always for Laura she went above and beyond to make the process of selling my home as smooth as humanly possible.  

After all the hard work remodeling, her listing stood out with her brilliant writing skills and her commissioning professional photographs to help draw buyers in.  We received multiple offers and her negotiation skills are excellent and she pays close attention to each and every detail.  Her guidance in the remodeling proved to be most beneficial, as she negotiated a deal that set a record for the highest price per square foot in my neighborhood.  She cares about every aspect of the transaction and takes each step very seriously.

If you got to this point, I hope I stressed that no matter what you are doing with real estate, you really should be calling Laura.” Mark M. – 1/17/2017

1/18/2017 – from Patricia S.

“Laura is the most honest, trustworthy, professional, knowledgeable and hard working agent I’ve ever known. If you are looking to buy or sell your home, I highly recommend her. Laura advised me every step of the way and helped me prepare my house so it showed well and then created a beautiful listing.

She listed my house the first of October. I planned on Christmas there based on watching the other houses in my area sit on the markets for months. Two weeks later we were under contract and closing the end of the month!!! She was a great negotiator in every step of the transaction. And, she sold my house for more than I ever dreamed of getting. The paperwork was done perfectly and she left nothing to chance from the legal perspective. Laura gets the job done and done right. I have had many Realtors but will never have anyone but Laura now.” Patricia S. – 1/18/2017

8/17/2016 – From Lisa DeChiara

“Laura is the best realtor I’ve worked with. She’s open, honest, hard working and really makes sure that you don’t face any surprises after the sale. You will know exactly what you are buying. I’ve never had a realtor before that I would recommend, but I highly recommend her.”  Lisa DeChiara – August 17th, 2016

September 9th, 2016 – From David Leigh

“Laura has to be one of the leading experts on the Phoenix market. She knows exactly what properties to show me and always has the jump on what is coming available. Her network of contractors, mortgage brokers and other professionals make her a one stop shop.” 
David Leigh – September 9th, 2016

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