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Selling Your Historic Central Phoenix Home?

Phoenix Home Sellers? Selling your historic central Phoenix home or any real estate in Downtown & Central Phoenix AZ is a TRUE ART FORM! Professional photography and professional writing of the description of your home, takes talent and skill.

Well, we’ve got you covered on both!

Historic Central Phoenix Home SellersDid you know the Internet is now responsible for 93% of traffic which is going to come from buyers who have seen your home online? Almost always, they will look at photos first and foremost, and then read the description. We know that Phoenix home sellers want nothing but the best, and we give it to them! Please watch the short video below and read more about our seller services.

Accurate pricing is key to get as many people as possible to tour and make offers on your home, especially when you first list your home.  There’s a current pool of buyers waiting for new listings to hit the market, which is why accurate pricing and staging your home properly is crucial.  Things to Think About When Selling Your Hom


Professional Journalist Writing for YOUR Historic or Metro Phoenix Phoenix Home

A Professional Journalist, me, Laura B., will write a detailed description of your home right down to every single, little tiny detail that exists. After all, isn’t your historic home special? Doesn’t she deserve to be flaunted by photos of the present with stories from the past?

We think so!

Therefore, we don’t just write some lame facts. We tell stories abut your home while making sure all important specs are also in the description. It’s truly art and we it so much differently than any agent in town, especially with vintage homes.

Every single property which I represent for sale, my impeccable photographers take professional, detailed photographs throughout the entire home and property grounds.

No Details Missed

We don’t ever are ever miss a detail, especially with all the cool, historic features that help make historic homes what they are. It would be foolish to not flaunt every built-in, every phone nook, every mail slot and every milk slot.

My Photographers Equipment

The equipment my photographers use is the latest that photography has to offer. With top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art Cannon and Nikon cameras, and a multitude of lenses for ANY occasion or feature, we’ve got it covered!

No Two Historic Homes are Alike, Therefore Neither Are their Photo Shoots

As a camera geek, and an amateur photographer, I’m always in awe during my photos shoots. And, they’re all different because no two historic homes are alike. Therefore, no two photo shoots in old homes are alike.

As my photographers are shooting EACH picture, their high-tech cameras take about 30 images over the course of a few seconds to a few minutes (depending on the lighting), all in order to create ONE SINGLE photo.

Photography Skills Shooting Historic Phoenix Homes For Central Phoenix, Downtown Phoenix and Metro Phoenix Home Sellers

The photography skills needing in shooting Historic Central Phoenix Homes are unique. Of course, a tripod is used. however, my cameramen and camerawomen have the skills to take photos in areas that a tripod just may not fit. Have a closeup of a cornered nook, or a special window covering in a corner? How about a unique fixture high up on a wall but want a straight shot? Maybe an exterior feature in or around a courtyard? How about ANY feature your home deserves an extreme closeup photo?

We’ll my photographers are especially trained for shooting these old homes, and I tell you, the final product is stunning.

But There’s More

Even though the photos themselves are already gorgeous after, we still enhance them with high-tech software to give each picture an extra kick.

The More Photos the Merrier For Phoenix Home Sellers

Well, I am a HUGE believer in photos. The more, the merrier. Especially when we get to flaunt all the cool features of vintage homes in Phoenix, which they well deserve. I take a lot of pride and effort into my listings photos. The compliments I receive on my listings still graciously surprises me and makes me happy. And, it makes my Phoenix home sellers happy.

Call Laura at anytime so we can talk about my exclusive marketing approach can help you get your home SOLD! (602) 400-0008.

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