Why Isn’t My Phoenix Area House Selling?

How to Get the Most Money for Your House In the Fastest Time Possible In Selling Your Phoenix-Metro Arizona Home

Why isn't my house sellingWhy Isn’t My Phoenix Area House Selling?

We all know that old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and when it comes to our homes, the same adage holds true. First, you must understand why your home is not sold, then you have to take actions to remedy the situation. There can be many reasons that your home is not selling.

Not Attracting Buyers?

If the listing for your home hasn’t been attracting buyers for a few weeks in a fast-paced real estate market, or for a few months in a slower one, you certainly have good reason to be worried and make some simple changes. A home doesn’t sell due to a variety of factors, some of which you can control and some of which you can’t. The main factor that you cannot control is location but there are plenty of ways to compensate for this to make the most out of selling your home for the highest amount which I will get into.

What You Can Control

Let’s start with the things you can control, which also happen to be the most important elements of any home’s appeal to buyers: Price and Condition.

The Condition of the House Itself

Make sure your home is in tip-top shape, the best it can be.

Regardless of your local market conditions, buyers have high expectations for your home, beginning with the exterior. While you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money, you do need to raise the level of your home’s curb appeal with some sweat equity. Pull weeds, trim the grass, plant a few flowers and perhaps paint your front door to make sure prospective buyers don’t decide to drive away.

Inside Your Home

Inside, your home needs to be consistently clean, neat, decluttered and depersonalized so that buyers can visualize themselves living there. I will be able to suggest ways to prepare your home for a sale. Which, by the way, is nothing like the way you live in it. Your kitchen counters should be cleared, your bed always made and your dishes always put away in case a buyer wants to visit. Please read my Seller’s page as I give some great advice on preparing your home to sell.

Pricing Your Phoenix Home For Sale Is VERY Important

Proper home pricing is more important today than ever. I will help you learn all you can about pricing your home to sell and discuss multiple strategies with you in order to get the most money for the sale of your home.

I will help you determine the correct price for your home based on a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA). The reason it’s so important to price your home appropriately from the beginning is that a home that’s priced too high will languish on the market without any offers. And, in a competitive market, this is not a good idea.

Don’t Lose Momentum

Even if you lower the price later, you will have lost the momentum of the initial listing period. Often, buyers will assume there’s something wrong with the home.

Eventually you may sell it, but more than likely the final sales price will be lower than your correct initial price would have been. Price your home too low and you have lost out on potential profit.


Your price should be based on current local market conditions, not what your neighbor sold their place for a year ago. Nor, your guesstimate of what your home is worth.

As your REALTOR, I will create a CMA by looking at recent sales, homes that didn’t sell, were pulled off the market and I’ll find out why. And, of course, I’ll examine detailed, current listings to guide your price decision.

Curb Appeal? No Curb Appeal?

Read: Laura Boyajian interviewed in the Arizona Republic and AZ Central on the Importance of Curb Appeal titled: Curb appeal: A home’s first impression

Curb appeal is a reflection of an your care for home and is important if you intend to offer your home for sale. A neatly manicured lawn, well-maintained shrubbery and clean exterior areas shows owner’s pride in property’s aesthetics.

Property values are often indicative of a neighborhood’s curb appeal, because areas that appear attractive are typically more desirable.

Perfect Photos Are Critical

A large percentage of homebuyers view property photos on the Internet. Before reading online details about a property’s interior features, buyers may glance at the exterior photos of a home.

A home with pristine interior features might get overlooked if the outside areas are less appealing. So you should work to improve your exterior areas. I can give you property maintenance tips which won’t cost a fortune. This will likely increase the number of interested buyers and lead to a faster sale.

Promotion and Marketing Your Phoenix Home For Sale

94% of homebuyers are on the internet. Ensure that you understand what a progressive marketing plan is and why it must be implemented to get your home sold. The majority of buyers look online first at properties.

So, it’s crucial that your home has multiple professional-quality photos that make it look as enticing as possible.

Additionally, your home must appear on multiple websites so buyers can see it. A listing without a photo or with one badly lit photo isn’t likely to generate many offers. Please see What I’ll Do For You on my Seller’s Page.

An MLS Listing Is NOT Enough

In addition to the MLS, your home needs to be marketed on social media and should be directly advertised to other real estate agents, here and abroad, who are more likely to bring a buyer to your home. Foreign investors want United State real estate, as they view it as a safe investment.

You need to reach every potential buyer and I make that happen. Please read my Seller’s pages.

Not Enough Photographs or Poorly Shot Photographs?

Homes in MLS that have one photo are passed by. Homes with dozens of photographs get noticed. I take quality photos and hire professional photographers. Please be sure to read What I’ll Do For You on my Seller’s Page.

Make Your Home Available For Showings

One of the more challenging aspects of listing your home for sale is that you must make it available to buyers as easily as possible. Buyers prefer to see a home without the owner there.

So. make sure there’s a lockbox at your property and that you allow nearly unlimited access to prospective buyers. As your agent, I will coordinate all of this for you while honoring special instructions such as pet needs, child and baby needs and sleep schedules for all.

Location, Location, Location

Lastly we have to take into consideration the location of your property. The general part of town you’re in, whether you are in a single-family, condo, or townhome, the location is key. If you have a premium lot, north-south exposure, a culdesac, or even a lot backing up to open space, that is great.

Why Isn’t My House Selling? Potential Location Challenges.

However if you back up to or side to a busy street, it can certainly be more challenging to sell. So, you need to take that into consideration when you price your home.

Although we can’t change your location, we can make sure your home is clean, decluttered, has a great curb appeal. I will help you get it in the best condition possible. Please read the recommendations I provide on my Seller’s pages.