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About Laura BAbout Laura B Real Estate means legal protection & fiduciary in a real estate transaction which is absolutely critical for you!

Similar to Attorney-Client privilege, licensed Real Estate Agents in the State of Arizona are bound to what’s called, “Fiduciary Duty.” Arizona is one of only a handful of states in country that have real estate agent fiduciary duty.

That means I represent you and only you whether you are buying a home or selling a property,

Most agents don’t even know this fact, let alone understand what it means. Rest assured, I take my fiduciary duty VERY seriously and provide the ultimate protection available for my clients under real estate law.

Why Hiring A Licensed Realtor Is Crucial

Choosing a perfect historic Phoenix real estate agent is one of the most important decisions you will make when buying an older Phoenix home for sale or any home, for that matter. Experience matters!

Details MATTER

I will show you how and why I am the best Realtor to take care of ALL your real estate needs. Covering every single detail from beginning to end while making sure you’re covered legally and ethically is quite important.

You can read more about this by visiting my buyer’s and seller’s pages, and, PLEASE read my testimonials page.

A Family of Real Estate Agents

I come from a family of licensed Realtors and combined we have more that 81 years of real estate experience. I’ve been buying and selling real estate for myself since 1989. This is giving me 30 years of transactions with 16 years as a licensed agent.


The short story is, like many, many people in the Valley (or in the country for that matter), I was getting extremely poor and pathetic representation. Consequently, I ended up handling most facets of my personal transactions.

My Own, Former, Personal Agents Were Terrible

My agents were not at all concerned about proper paperwork details, fiduciary and all of the details (and there are many) involved in a real estate transaction. Simply put, this is NOT how it’s supposed to be.

Doing Real Estate Right

Frustrated beyond belief sparked me to obtain my own license. So I decided to do it and DO IT RIGHT and I haven’t stopped since!

How My Past Career as a News Reporter and Journalist Benefits Me Now

My real estate career benefits from my earlier work in Broadcast Journalism. I hold a BA from Arizona State University’s prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunications.

How My Journalism Degree Helps Me Be the Best Real Estate Agent For You

As a result, Journalism helped me develop impeccable writing, speaking organizational, communication and management skills during my successful on-air career in television and radio.

People Skills Needed In Real Estate

The same people skills that made me an award winning News Reporter add to benefits for both me and my clients as we work through the buying or selling real estate process.

My Values

I value hard work, honesty and integrity taking great pride in helping others by being available and responsive to clients and friends alike. First, viewing myself as an entrepreneur and always learning.

Additionally, I run my business like a business putting my experience, background and talents to work for buyers, sellers and investors.

I’m a Listener

First of all, I begin by listening carefully to my client’s needs in order to develop a well-organized plan. Whether the objective is to seek out the perfect new house or to successfully market an existing home.

Communication and Responsiveness

I take advantage of all forms of communication to keep in close touch with my clients the good old fashioned way. However, I’m also very proficient in the latest professional real estate technologies.

My Wonderful and Dynamic Clientele

My clients consist of people from all walks of life & professions including but not nearly limited to Physicians, Professional Athletes, Attorneys, Superior Court Judges, members of many police and law enforcement agencies, News Reporters, Radio Personality, Musicians, Actors, Directors, Producers, Published Authors and more.

Discretion In Real Estate

I hold the highest implementation of the utmost of discretion whether you are an experienced buyer or a first-time homebuyer or a home seller. Not only is this legal and ethical, it’s the right thing to do.

Working With First-Time Homebuyers

Likewise, I love first-time homebuyers. I know how important it is and how scary it can be making the largest purchase of your life. Above all, I’ll hold your hand from beginning to end and even afterward. I show up and don’t disappear.

My Amazing Real Estate Team

I’m so grateful and fortunate to have built a team of mortgage lenders and brokers, home inspectors, termite inspectors and Title & Escrow Officers who are literally the best of the best in the industry. This did not come without a lot of hard work.

A Few Examples About my Team

For example, my home inspector is one of the educators for the State of Arizona for home inspectors. He used to be a full-time contractor building homes from the ground-up. Due to his experience, he still works in restoring historic homes and everything in-between when he has time.

Title and Escrow Officer

My Title & Escrow Officer is the “Go-To” gal when other Title & Escrow officers need help. I have worked with many escrow officers over the years, and now, have the mother-ship.

My Preferred Real Estate Lender

My preferred lender is simply one of the BEST in the business. He’s willing to give you a no obligation consultation. If you don’t adore him, I’ll eat my shoe.

Representing Buyers, Sellers and Investors

Whether you’re buying, selling or investing real estate in Phoenix or the downtown Phoenix area and looking for an honest, hard-working agent who will have YOUR best interest in representation at heart, call or email me directly at 602.400.0008. You’ll be glad you did and it would be my honor to serve you.

If You’re Ready for a No Obligation Consultation or to Just Get Some Questions Answered, I’m Just a Phone call Away at (602) 400-0008, or, you can
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