I’m an experienced investor. How can you help me?

How I Help Experienced Investors In Buying or Selling Historic Phoenix Homes or Any Valley Metro Phoenix Home

Investing In Phoenix AZ Real Estate requires an experienced agent. We help investors on a regular basis and know what it takes to make the deal happen.

Experience Matters When Buying a Historic Phoenix Home

Property Investing Phoenix Metro Real EstateThe most important person on an investor’s team is a great real estate agent. So, real estate agents play a huge role in getting a deal, losing a deal, valuing a property and many other factors. As a result, his can make you money or lose you money. I evaluate and comp any and all potential properties my investors are interested in buying or selling. Additionally, I provide full CMA’s (Comparative Market Analysis) fr each property.

Acting and Responding Quickly

It can be difficult to find a real estate agent or Realtor who will return calls and respond quickly enough for an investor. If you call an agent selling an investment property, they should either answer their phone or call you back within a couple of hours. The reason getting a call back is so important, is investors need speed to get the good deals. If it takes an agent a day to call you back, that could mean the difference between getting an offer accepted and another buyer getting the property.

Why Hire an Experienced Agent When Investing in a Historic Phoenix Home?

I am an agent in the Phoenix, AZ area and surrounding suburbs, and an investor. I think it is a huge advantage for investors to be real estate agents as well. If you don’t want to become an agent yourself, it is imperative you find a great agent to help you invest in rental properties or fix & flips.

Investing In Phoenix AZ Real Estate Done Right

An experienced real estate agent can make the process much less painful and make investing much more enjoyable. Finding the right agent is tricky but there are many things you can look for in potential agents. I have made many, many investors millions and millions of dollars annually and I can do the same for you. If you’re an investor, looking to buy multiple houses a year, a great agent can mean the difference in tens of thousands of dollars.

Contact Laura B., Licensed Arizona Real Estate Agent

If you choose an agent, who you don’t think is doing a great job, don’t be afraid to fire them. Before I became a licensed REALTOR, I’ve had to fire agents because I misjudged their abilities, work ethic or character. Not anymore. Contact me in any number of methods.

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