Resources For Phoenix, Arizona Residents

Resources for Phoenix homeowners come in handy. Here are some helpful sites and links for Metro Phoenix Suburbs and Downtown & Central Phoenix, AZ people. Whether you are moving, considering a relocation, or just love downtown Phoenix, this page will link you to many wonderful resources.

Informative “How-To” Real Estate Articles For Phoenix, AZ Homebuyers & Home Sellers

Real Estate Articles for Historic PhoenixHere you’ll be able to read a variety of articles on different topics as it relates to real estate. So, whether you’re buying a home, or selling a home, we’ve got some great tips for you.

For example, Informative real estate articles & tips on buying or selling a Phoenix home, loan qualification advice, first-time homebuyer info, investor info and how-to articles. Read more

Historic Preservation Incentive Programs For Historic Property Homeowners In Phoenix, Arizona Read more

Favorite Local Arizona Websites

FAQ Phoenix Homeowners ResourcesCheck out favorite local websites featuring food, markets, dining, things to do and various hot spots in downtown and central Phoenix for historic home owners and people who just love hanging out downtown. Read more

Resources for Phoenix HomeownersLocal Phoenix Area Farmer’s Markets 

If you like shopping local and getting fresh, organic produce, here is a list of the local farmer’s markets in Central and Downtown Phoenix, Arizona as well as Scottsdale. Read more

Resources for Phoenix HomeownersPhoenix Metropolitan News & Articles 

Here you’ll stay informed of local real estate news in Phoenix Historic Districts and surround areas as well as finance, business news, fun, local events, sports, theater, arts and much, much more. Read more

Resources for Phoenix HomeownersUtility Resources for Phoenix Homeowners and Homebuyers 

  • Phoenix, Arizona Utility Companies
  • Arizona DMV / Vehicle Registration
  • Arizona Voter Registration
  • Credit Checking References
  • Schools in and Around the Phoenix Metro Area
  • TV Stations in Phoenix
  • Local Media and Newspapers
  • Arizona Employment Assistance and Opportunities
  • Networking Events in Phoenix and Surrounding Suburbs  Read more

Incentives For Historic Phoenix Homebuyers 

Here you’ll find a number of grant programs offered by the City of Phoenix for Historic Home Preservation for Phoenix Historic Homeowners. Read more

Downtown and Central Phoenix Real Estate Videos 

Awesome Videos of Downtown and Central Phoenix Historic Real Estate and more. Watch the videos