Working with Buyers: Finding The Right Historic Home to Buy and What I Do For You. Be sure to read my client and peer testimonials and, check out Laura Boyajian In The Press.

When I say, “I’ve got your back as a Real Estate Agent, before, during AND after a transaction,” I mean it! Look how I helped an 82-year-old client AFTER we closed and after her movers ended up being a fraudulent company: This story aired on Channel 3, KTVK’s 3-On-Your-Side on 9/25/2018. You can also read the text version in the Adobe.pdf below, or, click the direct link to the story on KTVK Channel 3 On Your Side’s website. Follow up story below.

Part 1: 9/25/2018 – Direct VIDEO Link to Channel 3, KTVK, 3 On Your Side story: VIDEO: Woman caught in moving day debacle – Laura Boyajian Helps Her 82-Year-Old Client with Channel 3 News On-Your-Side –

Part 2: FOLLOW UP STORY: 10/3/2018 – VIDEO Update: Moving company finally delivers household goods. Laura Boyajian Helps Her 82-Year-Old Client with Channel 3 News On-Your-Side – 

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A 1926 home in the F.Q. Story Historic District

Off the bat, you can rest at ease knowing that everything I do for you when representing you as a buyer does not cost you one red cent! I will hold your hand and guide you though the entire process from our first encounter all the way through closing where I hand you the keys to your new home, all without you having to sign any upfront contracts to have me represent you!

Buying is about finding the right house to call home or the right place to escape
and the best investment in the right location. Whether a primary residence,
vacation home or income property, I have personally gone through the buying
process many times as both an investor and purchaser, so I know what you
need and expect. I adeptly advise buyers on value, growth potential, lifestyle
and, of course, renovations. These skills and talents are brought to each client and every real estate transaction, whether a straightforward sale or a flip renovation.

No matter what your price range is, especially if you are a first-time home buyer or purchasing a second home, I will help you be choosy when looking for a home to buy. In fact, I talk more people out of buying homes and am never, ever, ever a pushy agent trying to convince you to buy a home for the sake of buying a home. If  you want to buy a home that has a lot of flaws (fixer-uppers excluded) that I see, feel and know may be or will be expensive or even potentially expensive, I will discuss it with you and try to talk you out of buying it. Yes, there is some intuition on my end involved, too, along with my experience having looked at thousands of historic homes. You are unique. I’m not going to let your desires, needs, hopes and dreams for your new home go down the toilet with a bunch of expensive repairs that you may not notice, but I do. (Of course, we’ll always get a professional home inspection, and I’m getting to that shortly).

I truly believe with all of my heart that you will KNOW which house you’ll want to make an offer on when you see it and I am the catalyst to make that happen. Whether we have to look at a few homes, a few dozen homes or more, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s your choice, you’re money and you will be living there, not me. I insist that you choose the home without interference. It’s not my choice to make. But as I mentioned before, if I think the house might be a lemon or even a good value, I’ll discuss it with you so you can make an educated decision.

Real estate is serious business and there are severe consequences for fraud or mistakes. You don’t want your Realtor pretending to know how to do things and get you in trouble.

I’m a HUGE stickler for protecting my Buyers legally with my fiduciary. I study law as a hobby as I love it, but also believe there is an obligation to understand real estate law when practicing real estate and handling such important documentation for what is usually one of the most important transactions you will be making in your lifetime. Even if you have purchased homes before, it’s not an everyday task for you unless you are an investor. I understand that and make sure there will be nothing that can come back and bite you in the you-know-what. I hold this same standard of care to my investor clients no matter how many transactions they’ve been through.

ALL paperwork, whether it’s initially executed by me or the other agent, is gone over by me with a fine toothed comb. The legal rights us Arizona Realtors have is often not taken seriously by a high number of agents who as a result are constantly putting their clients at risk. I believe this is irresponsible as it gets and I make sure their paperwork is also up to par in order to protect you. I understand, respect, take seriously and abide by the fiduciary responsibilities given to us licensed agents.

Buying a home for the first time or even the second or third time can be overwhelming for many people because few home buyers know where or how to begin the search to buy a home, especially in these changing times that have become regulated to death. I help simplify the process for you, guide you through every single step of the way while handling all the important, time-factored elements that go into buying a home.

I will help you:

Get a Quality Loan with a Top-Notch Mortgage Lender and help you:

  • Determine your pre-qualification / Pre-Approval amount
  • Determine a Down Payment and your Monthly Payment
  • Get a Pre-approval Letter
  • Order The Appraisal and Understand The Appraisal
  • Comply With Lender Requirements
  • Order Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Look For and Find a Home

Based on the type of home you want to purchase, its location, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and all other important specs, I will set up a customized website for you called a portal which you will get to view all active homes for sale tailored to everything you want and don’t want.

Write a Purchase Offer / Contract and Counter Offers 

Once you find a home you want to make an offer on, I will draw up all the paperwork that goes along with the Purchase Contract and it will be filled out perfectly and thoroughly with all of the legal protections the contract and other documents contain. There are a lot of little items on the contract that many agents ignore. I do not.

Negotiate Price and Terms

I have a proven track record of negotiation skills. One of my many strong qualities is finding out what the seller’s motivation and weaknesses are. In addition to that, I discover what the seller’s agent’s negotiation weaknesses are as so many agents have little to no negotiation skills and I use that to my advantage when representing you as the buyer.

Make an Earnest Money Deposit

Once we have a fully executed Purchase Contract, I will guide you in writing the earnest money check and arrange for it to be picked up at whatever location is convenient for you so we can open escrow.

Open Escrow and Order Title

After escrow is opened, I work closely with the title company in getting the Preliminary Title Report so I can review it with you. If there are any issues, I work with the title company who acts as the liaison to clean the title which is part of their job. I work with the top dog title & escrow company in town! They are the “go-to” title company of title company’s.

Make Sure All Parties Have the Paperwork They Need On An Ongoing Basis

This is another area where I am a huge stickler. It is imperative that all parties have the specific paperwork they need. This includes your lender, the title company, the other agent, my office and even the appraiser.

Approve Seller Disclosures and Title Company Documents

I guide you through the process of reviewing any and all Seller disclosures, Title company documents and documents you the Buyer must review and sign, which are separate from what the Seller must provide. Some examples are:

  • The Preliminary Title Report provided by the title company
  • The Lead Based Paint Disclosure (for homes built 1978 or prior),
  • Seller Property Disclosure Statement provided by the Seller, where they must disclose on legal Arizona of Association documents, everything they know about the property they’re selling,
  • Seller Insurance Loss History, also provided by the Seller,
  • Mold Disclosures and Addendum’s provided by the Seller,
  • The Buyer’s Advisory which you the Buyer must review and sign.

Conduct a Home and Termite Inspection

I coordinate the scheduling of the home inspection where we all meet the inspector at the property to go over his findings in great detail. This the beginning of the process to begin discussing any repairs we may be asking for. This is very important and I never rush this as we have a time in accordance to the Purchase Contract which I encourage using if and when necessary. I work closely with you to make sure all questions are answered in detail and help you determine if we need to obtain additional inspections and/or estimates for any work that may need to be done. Then, I write up the official request for repairs on what’s called the Buyer’s Inspection Notice and Seller’s Response. This is an entire additional level of negotiation which requires negotiation skills which I am excellent at.

Negotiate Repairs and Issue Request for Repairs

As I just mentioned above, this is an entire new ground of negotiations. Depending on what is found during the home inspection (and they’re always something), I work closely with you to make sure you get all the repairs necessary to, at a minimum, make sure the house is all up to code. Sometimes, there are other items requiring repairs, for example: roofing, plumbing, appliances and/or air conditioning units. When necessary, I will help you in getting additional inspections and bids which we give to the seller’s agent when asking for repairs. I understand how these contingencies are covered in the Purchase Contract and make sure you don’t end up carrying any surprising financial burdens.

Do a Final Walk-Through

About a day before we meet at the title company to sign your paperwork, we go to the property you’re buying and perform a final walk-through. We make sure all requested repairs were done and that the house is in at least the same condition as it was before and that nothing was unlawfully removed in any way.

Sign Loan / Escrow Documents

I am present with you when it’s time to sign your closing documents at the title company. Additional, I review any and all documents I am privy to before you sign.

Deposit Closing Funds

I work with you and the title company to make sure you are properly instructed on how to go about depositing your closing funds into your escrow account on or before the funds need to be deposited.

Close Escrow

After all parties have signed their paperwork, I work very closely with your lender, the title company and the other agent to make sure everything is on track and stays on track so we can close escrow on schedule.

phoenix,neighborhood,Realtor,real estate,agent,central,downtown,area,homes,districts,buyer,sellerHand You the Keys to Your New Home!

As soon as I get word from the title company that the County Assessor’s Office has officially recorded the fact that you are the legal homeowner, I call you so we can meet at your new home so I can hand you your new keys and celebrate!

I am ALWAYS here for you, before, during AND after you buy your new home! I’m not one of those agents who just disappears after closing. Check out my testimonials pages

I am an Experienced, Licensed Agent In the State of Arizona:

  • I offer solutions based on previous results
  • Anticipate problems before they occur
  • Enjoy solid reputations with other agents
  • Have practiced strong negotiation techniques
  • Refer time-tested vendors such as mortgage lenders, title companies, home inspectors, general contractors, pest inspectors
  • Understand the complexities of changing real estate markets
  • Provide statistics and crucial market data to you
  • Professionally guide you to a smooth closing


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