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Real Estate Agent Code of Ethics

Ethical Phoenix Real Estate Agent Laura BoyajianEthical Real Estate Agent. Unfortunately, so many people wonder and ask if there is such a thing. I don’t blame them. Real estate agents are supposed to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics to our buyers, sellers and our fellow agents. Not all do.

Importance of the Code of Ethics in Protecting Homebuyers

The Code of Ethics plays a crucial role in protecting homebuyers by setting standards of conduct for real estate professionals. These standards ensure that agents act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism when assisting clients in buying a home.

Ensuring Protection for Homesellers Through the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics serves as a safeguard for homesellers by ensuring that real estate agents act in their best interests with honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

Agents who adhere to the Code are committed to providing accurate information, prioritizing the seller’s objectives, and maintaining confidentiality throughout the selling process. This ethical framework helps protect homesellers from potential misconduct, unethical behavior, and ensures a fair and equitable transaction.

Following the Code of Ethics is NOT Optional

By following the Code of Ethics, agents are obligated to prioritize their clients’ best interests, provide accurate information, and maintain confidentiality. This helps to safeguard homebuyers from unethical practices and ensures a smooth and transparent home buying process.

Code of Ethics to Other Agents

Many people don’t realize that licensed real estate agents not only have a Code of Ethics to abide by to our clients, but we also have a Code of Ethics to adhere to other real estate agents. This often goes unnoticed allowing many agents to treat other agents unethically.

Building Trust Among Peers

By upholding the Code of Ethics in our interactions with our peers, we not only elevate the standards of the profession but also create a supportive community where mutual respect and cooperation thrive. But sadly, this doesn’t always happen. On the contrary, many agents are malicious to one another.

Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Agent Code of Ethics, or Lack Thereof

Here’s one that’s directly involving this very website on an ongoing basis. A fellow agent has been copyright infringing my website for many, many years. I have documented evidence therefore I can confidently, safely and ETHICALLY say this.

There’s nothing I ever say that I cannot prove in a court of law.

Not Hearsay

I have countless amounts of data that is time and date stamped. I also confronted this person years ago and literally have emails saved of this person admitting their behavior! Black-and-white. For a short while, they stopped copying my original content and other information, but it quickly started up again and has not stopped. In fact, lately it’s been accelerating, which is why I am writing about it.

Agents Who Don’t Care About Other Agents

Ethics in Historic Phoenix Real Estate with Laura BoyajianThis agent has been and is going to deep degrees and still copying many, many aspects of this website.

This includes page titles, page descriptions, content of all sorts, category titles, articles and much more.

Here Are Just a Few of Many Examples

Page Titles and Page Content

I recently created a page on “fixer-uppers” because I love helping people properly sell them without getting ripped off. All of a sudden, this person has a page about fixer uppers on their newer site.

Creative Content & Idea Copying of Website

There’s the story on my Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District page I wrote years ago. It’s under a paragraph I call, “Let’s Get A Little Pleasantly Lost For Fun.” When I truly and hilariously got lost walking my dog through the neighborhood, I thought it would make for a descriptive story about the winding streets this wonderful neighborhood offers. And it does. So good that this fellow agent had to steal the premise of my story.

Granted, this person did not use the exact story about getting lost walking their dog, (although dog walking is mentioned in the premise). That would’ve been a little too obvious. So they wrote a bunch of extremely similar information that sounds incredibly familiar to my story. Coincidence? Absolutely not!

Many of My Articles Mimicked

Years and years ago, I wrote an article about “why buyers and sellers should hire a licensed REALTOR.” Well, recently an article appeared on this person‘s website with the exact same article name. Coincidence? Nope!

In my webpage called, the “Process of Getting Preapproved for a Home Loan,” years ago, I wrote how it’s imperative to “Choose Your Lender Wisely.“ Wouldn’t you know that recently an article appeared in this person’s other, newer website titled “Choose Your Lender Wisely.“ Again, coincidence? Nah.

More Content Mimicked

Again, a very long time ago, I wrote about “Fiduciary Duty” here, here and here that us licensed real estate agents are obliged to our buyers and sellers. Not too long after I wrote about this, VOIALA! This agent writes about fiduciary duty on their website. Coincidence? Um…no.

My Clients Are Noticing

Many of my clients, whom I’ve become very close friends with, have also noticed the obvious. They have literally called me several times in pure disgust of this person, specifically to make sure I was aware of this copywriting. In fact, on several occasions, several said they accidentally clicked on this person‘s page thinking it was mine.

Obvious Intent

But obviously, that’s the intent of this unethical agent. Rather than just being original, they’re trying to steal potential clients from me by copying many aspects of my original content and ideas I write for my website.

This is beyond unethical and definitely violates Codes of Ethics. I question this person’s self image, creativity, integrity, and confidence in running a real estate business. At the same time, although it’s utterly despicable and kindergarten-like, I have to laugh.

Why am I Writing About an Ethical Real Estate Agent?

You may ask why I’m writing this. Fair question indeed. Not only is this just one set of examples of how agents violate ethics from agent to agent, but they frequently violate Code of Ethics from agent to client. I’m tired of hearing stories from wonderful people being treated unfairly by agents out of greed or incompetence. By the time I hear about it, there’s nothing I can do to help.

Be Careful Who You Hire to Represent You. You Want an Ethical Real Estate Agent

You do NOT want an agent who is unethical to any party representing you under any circumstance whatsoever. You must be careful on who you hire to represent you as it may reflect on you. If they are unethical with another agent, they are just about guaranteed to be unethical to you! You can’t be a little pregnant.

Following The Code of Ethics

I take great pride in following the Code of Ethics to every single one of my clients, and other agents. I’d like to think that other agents do as well, applying it to their real estate practice, but unfortunately many, many do not.

There are endless examples of this throughout the industry. Generally, most agents are decent. But there are also many bad seeds. Some are just inexperienced, and others are more deliberate in their unethical acts. This is what gives the good guys a bad wrap.

Hire an Ethical Real Estate Agent In Phoenix

If you want to feel the difference between an ethical real estate agent, and non-ethical agents, I highly encourage you to give me a call. You’ll see that I am the absolute real deal.

My Specialties Are Helping Sellers and Buyers of Historic Homes In Phoenix

I specialize in helping seller’s and buyers conduct real estate transactions for homes in the historic Phoenix districts. I’m a listing agent for sellers, and, I help buyer’s from all walks of life with varying experience levels purchase a home. This is a unique niche and requires a lot of skill. It’s nothing like working in the cookie-cutter realm of real estate.

Hear From My Clients

I truly am a very humble person so I ask you to read my testimonials page. It’s better to hear about my work ethic and how I operate from my clients. But when somebody is deliberately and consistently copyright infringing my website, I felt it was time to say something.

Interview Several Real Estate Agents

When preparing to hire a real estate agent, you should definitely speak to at least three. If you want to cut through all of the noise and hardship of finding the right real estate agent for you, like I said, I’m an open book. Let me be one of those three.

You’ll realize that I am: No frills. Straightforward. Honest. Extremely hard-working. Transparent. Ethical. Experienced. Communicative. Intelligent. Common sense with street-smart. Educated. Full of integrity. As honest as they come. A highly talented and experienced agent whom you will be extraordinarily happy with from beginning to end and beyond. Kind. Sincere. Most of all, I innately follow all Code of Ethics. Contact me directly on my cell at 602-400-0008. You’ll feel what I mean.