Selling Probate and Estate Real Estate

How Selling Probate Real Estate Sale Works

Selling a Probate-Trust Real Estate sale differs in many ways from a traditional real estate transaction.

Selling Probate and Estate Sale Real Estate In Phoenix ArizonaWe here at compassionately work with both Buyers and Sellers of probate homes for sale if and when the need arises. Unfortunately, this is all too often, not to mention emotional. And, it often involves contentious situations for the Sellers.

If a loved one has passed and did not have proper estate planning in place, their property will likely go into the probate court for sale approval once the probate case is opened.

In a probate sale, an estate attorney, Trustee or Representative hires a real estate agent to post the listing and sell the home. We can and do work very closely with your attorney and/or Representative to assure the process is kept legal and ethical. Additionally, we assure you’ll receive the most financial gain when selling your loved one’s home.

Too often, there are other parties involved who want to just get it over with and leave money on the table. We believe this is not to your best interest and will assure we obtain the most money possible under your personal circumstances. We will honor whatever pace and desires you choose.

Marketing a Probate Sale in Phoenix, AZ

During a probate sale, the property is marketed just like any other property. The probate attorney or the estate representative will hire a local real estate agent, sign a listing agreement, and show the property, just as they would a traditional listing. 

Internet and social media advertising, open houses, private showings, neighborhood canvassing, networking with other agents and more will all bring in the widest audience of buyers to the home.

Generally, the list price is based upon the listing agent’s suggestions as well as an independent appraisal often ordered and issued by the court. Either way, we’ll provide a professional, full comparative market analysis (CMA) for you, your attorney and/or the courts.

If you have a need to sell a home in probate that needs court approval, contact us today and we can can walk you through the process step-by-step. We will work closely with any and all parties involved in the transaction.