Encanto Vista Historic District Listing Agent

Are You Selling Your Encanto Vista Historic District Home and Need a Listing Agent?

Why Choose Laura Boyajian to List and Sell Your Encanto Vista Historic District Home?

Encanto Vista Historic District Listing Agent, Laura BoyajianEncanto Vista Historic District listing agent, Laura Boyajian, has two decades of experience in the real estate market, specializing in historic Phoenix homes, I bring a wealth of insights and skills to the table.

Proficient in Encanto Vista Homes and Historic Sales

I have a good grasp of the all the standout elements and how they pertain to value of homes in Encanto Vista, which is an asset. I’ve sold many historic homes, making sure my clients have an easy and smooth experience.

Encanto Vista Historic District Listing Agent Giving Personalized Attention

Making you happy is what I’m all about. And, I’m here to make sure your experience is smooth sailing and better than you imagined. When you choose me to list your home in the Encanto Vista Historic District, I’ll make sure you get personalized attention. I’m a huge believer in clear communication and transparency throughout the entire selling process. 

Reaching the Right Buyers When Selling Your Encanto Vista House

I leverage innovative and strategic marketing techniques to effectively showcase the historical significance and unique features of your house. Through targeted campaigns and extensive exposure on various platforms, your home will get a ton of exposure to all the right people in order to find the perfect buyer. I’ll show off your amazing house to get interested parties excited and make sure it sells as quickly as possible for the highest dollar amount.

Strong Negotiation Skills

As a skilled negotiator, I’ll work tirelessly to get you the highest price for your Encanto Vista home. With a focus on achieving favorable outcomes for my clients, I go into negotiations with confidence and a can-do attitude. I’ll advocate on your behalf and navigate the ins-and-outs of the negotiation process with professionalism and expertise.

Seamless Transaction

From before the initial listing through closing, I handle every aspect of the transaction with precision and care. I take care of all the details, paperwork, and logistics involved in selling your historic home. With me as your agent, you’ll feel confident that your property is in capable hands. Plus, I work super hard to ensure a successful and stress-free transaction.

Contact Me to Get a Consultation

Ready to sell your cherished home in the Encanto Vista Historic District? Contact me directly at (602) 400-0008 to discuss your listing wishes. Let’s start selling! We’ll work together to showcase the distinct beauty and value of your historic property attracting the perfect buyer who will appreciate its special, one-of-a-kind trendy vibe.