Phoenix Home Valuation Pricing

Historic Phoenix Home Pricing is an art. No two historic homes are alike.

Phoenix home valuation pricing for sellers truly requires an agent specialist in Historic Districts & neighborhoods.

Historic Phoenix Home Pricing Valuations“Historic homes are like DNA; No two are alike even if they’re next door to each other.” – Laura Boyajian

Downtown and Central Phoenix home values skyrocketed during COVID and even began prior to.  New, all-time highs were reached!

Why it’s important NOT to use an automated pricing tool to value your historic Phoenix home for sale

Although we can sometimes price your home fairly accurately through an automated process, this leaves a ton of room for error. There’s nothing better and more accurate to obtain a list price than by visiting your property and getting every single detail that is necessary in order to give your home it’s true, proper evaluation.

Historic Phoenix Homes are Not Cookie Cutter

As you know, historic homes are definitely not cookie-cutter, so, the process of pricing your home to sell is completely opposite and more complex than any automated system.

Prices are Changing

Prices have not only stabilized but they’re beginning to decline. This will be happening for an unknown amount of time at this point. So, if you’d like to know how much equity you have in your home today from the time you purchased or refinanced, you’re definitely in the right place!

Get a Detailed, Accurate, No Obligation Home Valuation For Pricing From a Human Being: Me

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What are the most important factors in choosing a historic Phoenix real estate to sell your home?

HomeSmart Elite Group Real Estate Laura Boyajian

If you’re pondering the idea of selling your home, I will manually generate a real, full and customized home pricing valuation for you based on ALL the details and variables of YOUR home! 

I don’t like leaving money on the table and I’m guessing you don’t want to either!

A Human Generated Home Phoenix, AZ Home Valuation & Pricing

This is NOT an instant, computer-generated estimate designed to collect your information. I will take ALL information into consideration and provide you with a full, accurate and detailed report on what your home is worth. This comes complete with comparable properties and tons of research. Because no two homes are the same even if they’re next door to each other so let me make sure you’re getting a proper valuation.

Historic Phoenix Home Pricing Valuations Done Right

If you’re buying a Phoenix home, I also compose manual analysis on any home you’re considering buying once we find you one.

Please contact me directly on my cell phone at (602) 400-0008, email me so I can begin your REAL home pricing valuation for your Central or Downtown Phoenix Home.

Get your Phoenix Historic Home Pricing & Valuation, or any home you’re considering selling. Call Laura Boyajian directly today at 602.400.0008.