Historic Phoenix Homes Buyers Agent

Do You Need an Experienced Real Estate Agent to Buy a Historic Phoenix Home?

Historic Phoenix Homes Real Estate Buyer’s Agent, Laura Boyajian, Delivers Tailored and Personalized Services to Help You Buy a House for the lowest dollar amount with the best terms.

Buyer's Agent for Historic Phoenix HomesHistoric Phoenix homes buyer’s agent Laura Boyajian, has been helping people buy homes in the historic districts for 20 years. I represent everyone from first-time homebuyers, to experienced buyers to investors.

Buying historic homes takes a very different set of skills, knowledge and expertise along with the right home inspectors and team of people involved in your purchase.. 

Buying Historic Phoenix Homes with an Experienced Buyer’s Agent

As your agent, I represent you and ONLY on any historic Central Phoenix property for sale you choose to purchase. I guide you every single step of the way using my 20 years of experience and proven, successful negotiation skills with just one interest in mind. Getting you the absolute best purchase price with the best terms that benefit each and every single aspect of your purchase.

The details, and there are many, are so important and often overlooked by many. I take details seriously.

Fiduciary Duty and Legal Protection In Real Estate Transactions

In the State of Arizona, Licensed Realtors must abide by and are bound by this duty along with ethics. It is very similar to Attorney-Client privilege.

Unfortunately, too many agents do not pay enough attention to this crucial aspect and it often ends up at the peril of the buyer. Seller’s agents often do not take this seriously, either. I take it extremely seriously. Anything else is negligence.

Some Critical Details

After finding the house you want to purchase, I run a full, detailed, comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA), making sure you’re not paying more than the house is actually worth.

Pricing historic homes needs an entirely different approach as the variables are also entirely different. For example, a few of those factors are the homes age, condition, location, upgrades or lack thereof, quality and scope of work previously done on the property, or not. These are just a few of many variables I consider while calculating a fair offer price.

Helping You Find the Perfect Property and Negotiating

I provide you with access to all listed properties in customized searches. And, I have a knack for discovering information about these homes that most agents can’t find, or, don’t know how to find.

One of my favorite parts of representing you, is in my approach to negotiating. I have many approaches I use throughout the different phases of negotiating. Plus, I have my ways of finding the seller’s weaknesses and motivations for selling and use that to your advantage. This helps me negotiate the best price, terms and seller concessions for you. It’s fun and the benefits are wonderful.

Historic Home Buyers Need Superb Inspections, Lenders and Escrow Officers

My resources and contacts are truly invaluable. I have long-term relationships with home inspectors, lenders, title & escrow officers and contractors that have been in this old home buying for decades. Therefore, I happily share these wonderful, hard working and highly efficient people with you. I’ve been working with them over and over for years.

This solid team foundation assures you are being covered in so many ways from start to finish. We all have your back and your absolute best interest at heart. 

Reviewing Home Inspections

I’ll help you review all your home inspections, and, if necessary, call in the old pros for additional information which is often need when buying historic homes.

I have sewer scope professionals that not only scope the sewer main, but scope all the pipes UNDERNEATH the house. I assure this is performed on EVERY property. Not doing so is carelessness and can set you up for costly repairs. I cannot even begin to express the importance of this. Quite often, my sewer scope team will not even charge you for the all too important full house camera scope. I make certain you’re not buying an unforeseen fixer-upper.

Let me help you find a property that you will call your dream home.

A Historic Phoenix Homes Buyer’s Agent Providing First-Class Service

Contact me directly at (602) 400-0008 for or a no-obligation consultation with substance. Let me show you how I’ll provide personalized support at every single step in order to help you buy a historic home in Phoenix. I’m always available for you and will answer as many questions as you have. No limits. Ever.

Partner with Laura Boyajian, a Historic Phoenix Homes Listing Agent, to Buy A Historic Property.

Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of buying a historic Phoenix home with confidence and success. I guarantee you, with my expertise and dedication, we’ll achieve outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Plus, I’m always here for you long after you’re moved in and settled.

Just call me, Laura, on my cell phone at (602) 400-0008.